Members helping Members. This section is a new concept and ideal for quick stop overs while travelling, or just a great way to meet like minded people. The concept is that Members who have space on their own private properties or business premises can offer other members the opportunity to park their caravan, camper van or motorhome overnight, usually at no cost or at a low cost, in a safe environment.

It may be on residential premises, small acreage, vacant blocks or industrial premises.

It is up to each individual property owner as to what they offer or if they decide to charge. Our data base will put property owners in touch with members. Individuals can then make their own arrangements as to time, dates and requirements.

Property owners details are not displayed, only general town locations and descriptions will be displayed. Members may then contact property owners via secure email, or call them if a number has been provided.

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Beautiful farming property in North Walpole with farm cottages accommodation business offers RV and caravan parking for general helping out around the cottages in non peak (no school holidays or long weekends as we are full) season. Parking is on…