Our Free Camps area provides a list of Free Camp sites around Australia. Most Free Camps sites are provided by Councils and or Local Communities. They usually have limited facilities. Some are intended for short term stays, others allow to stay for a longer duration. The majority of Free Camps are intended for Fully Self Contained Vehicles (FSCV) but this is not always the case, so please check what is acceptable at each site. Our Free Camp site listings will include the Address and GPS Co-Ordinates of the site, and the facilities available. Some will contain photographs of the sites, and overtime we will have video reviews for some sites. Some Free Camps will be clearly sign posted with their rules and conditions. In some cases permits are required. If this is the case it is usually clearly marked at the entrance to such locations. Free Camps are provided for the purpose of allowing travellers to stay in a location at no cost, therefore travellers staying in such locations are encouraged to support the nearest local towns in the vicinity.

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